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Women of note

We're delighted to be participating once again in York's Late Music Festival, on Saturday 7 October. Alongside festival commissions, we're celebrating of women composers, ranging from Hildegard de Bingen to a new commission by Errollyn Wallen. Visit the event page here.

Errollyn Wallen was born in Belize. She has been commissioned by outstanding music institutions from the BBC to the Royal Opera House and performed her songs internationally. We will be performing the world premiere of a new choral work Negro speaks for rivers, a setting of Langston Hughes' acclaimed poem.

We will also be performing commissions by the choir, including The York Mass, commissioned from Kerry Andrew by the choir in 2008, which reflects Kerry’s diverse compositional styles, and Hilary Campbell's All men are mortal first performed for the York Viking festival in 2010, and draw on three tales of Viking folklore.

Kerensa Briggs and Rhiannon Randle were both finalists of the NCEM’s Young Composers Award. Kerensa won the award in 2014, and Rhiannon was a finalist in 2017. The choir have performed for the awards finals since it began in 2008.

Over the last few years, members of The Ebor Singers have recorded A-level choral compositions for Year 13 pupils of Camden High School for Girls, and we feature pieces Mabel Hoskins and Xenia Hasalam, both from the class of 2017.


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